Vishwas Narendra (vishnix) wrote in philociphers,
Vishwas Narendra

Transhumanism and Fukuyama

Francis Fukuyama, in an article that seems, to me atleast, to be uncharacteristic of him says that transhumanism is a disturbing trend. The basis for his argument is that we come as a package with the good features and the bad features. Trying to improve the good characteristics through technology can lead to disastrous circumstances.

... If we weren’t violent and aggressive, we wouldn’t be able to defend ourselves; if we didn’t have feelings of exclusivity, we wouldn’t be loyal to those close to us; if we never felt jealousy, we would also never feel love. ...

But one might equally assert that the "better" human created through this process will automatically adjust his/her good and bad characteristics to form a complex whole which is self-sustaining.

Fukuyama seems to be petrified by the possibility that human beings will mutate. This fear seems irrational as humans are going to evolve anyway, albeit much more slowly. Also, just because something is unpredictable does not make it bad.
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